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By MyCena | Posted on : 24 February 2021

Take a moment and imagine… Imagine a company letting their employees make their own keys to access the company building, elevators, floors, doors, data rooms…

Why you need doors with strong independent access on every system

By MyCena | Posted on : 5 February 2021

On Monday18 January 2020, when Angers town hall employees arrived at work, they found a notice stuck on the main door asking them to not switch on their computers.

By MyCena | Posted on : 8 January 2021

2020 will be remembered as a gloomy year. As fate would have it, the world suffered the worst viral and cyber pandemics in history simultaneously.

Linkedin phishing scams named major concern in q3

By MyCena | Posted on : 23 November 2020

More than four in 10 people clicked on a phishing link via ‘LinkedIn’ during Q3, says a new report. Data presented by the Atlas VPN team says that emails impersonating LinkedIn had a 47% open rate.

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By MyCena | Posted on : 23 November 2020

Microsoft has warned consumers that Russian and North Korean hackers have broken into the online systems of companies developing coronavirus vaccines.

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